2650 Miles, Bit by Bit

An excited Patti and conspicuously anxious Lynn as we set out on our hike, Day 1, 5/13/2012.

It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end.

Ursala K. LeGuin

So it begins.

A long walk, a hike, a hair-brained plan, total insanity – call it what you want. But this journal will detail our adventures as we hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

I suppose the travel bug bit us during our honeymoon in Hawaii almost 25 years ago. We were lounging in our Camp Wai’napanapa cabin on the shores of Maui, and we were contemplating ways we could live like Gilligan on our own little island. Why were those castaways trying to escape that island? If only that could be us, we thought, we would surely choose to stay.

And the years that followed, through mortgages and children, we’ve managed to travel quite a bit. We toured the Continental United States for 6 months back in 1988, have camped in over 30 states, have hiked the Grand Canyon, cruised many times. So that bug has a tight grab on both of us.

(I suppose it goes without saying that this blog assumes one fundamental theory of life and it is a quite simple one. It is that the meaning of life cannot be, it must not be, the truly monotonous nature of spending more time working our careers than we spend with our families; that it must not be the politics of the day; that it must not be solely about the arrogance and evils of Wall Street; that life must be more than building defenses against our enemies, real and imagined. This blog will assume that life has meaning when we are with people we enjoy, when we are learning and when we are traveling. If life is about these, then life is pretty good).

And so it begins. We embark on a new adventure. And we’d like to take you with us. We’ll be updating this journal periodically and hope you’ll join us.



17 thoughts on “2650 Miles, Bit by Bit

  1. Are you f’ing kidding me ?!!?? This is a MONSTER undertaking and one I have dreamed of but am quite frankly afraid I don’t have the cajones to pull off.
    Are you doing it in stages or simply hiking for the next 5/6 months?
    Can’t wait to hear tales of the John Muir portion.
    Good on you both…very happy to hear about this. LOVE your way.


    • Brian, thanks for your comments. I’m not sure I have the “cojones” either, but try we must. The monster size of this goal is not lost on us: we recognize that our goals are way out there. We’ll do this over time and just chunks at a time. We will update info here as we do each hike. We hope to get in our first 2-day hike within the next week or so.



  2. Amazing! It is indeed a phenomenal effort and however far you go, however much you see, it will be a journey to remember and be proud of. You are setting the bar high and it is joyous to hear that you have joined forces together to achieve this! What location is your starting point?


    • Heidi, we’re tackling different segments at different times and we may head south one segment and north the next. We’ll piece it all together once we have done all of the Trail. This will likely take years. Many hikers (about 350 annually) do a hike-through – a full 4 – 6 months on average. Since we’re still work’n folk, we need to do this “Bit by Bit.”



  3. Sooooo cool you guys!! Mike is going to be so jealous..he wants to hike the applilacian trail..happy hiking! Keep us posted!
    Love you guys!!!!!


  4. Hoo RA!………. I say good for you. I spent two weekends in May at Mt. Laguna and Fosters Lodge. I hiked for about ten miles each day and it was wonderful. I don’t think my body could take all 2600 miles. Send more pictures and let us live through your experiences.


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