Eagle Rock to Barrel Springs

5.3 miles


Excited about continuing our journey, we hoped to do a portion of the trail every weekend or so. But already, after the first trip, we were changing our minds. We didn’t want to drive the long winding mountain drive from Encinitas to the next trail head just for a day-hike. At minimum, the drive was 90-minutes both ways, making just a three-hour hike a six-hour day. Last week, instead of doing the drive, we hiked Daley Ranch. But, this weekend, here we are, driving that drive to do any part of this hike we can.

Honestly, we are discussing plans, and changing plans frequently.

Our starting point day 2 of our hike.

Two riders with their horses resting at Eagle Rock.

Jake was good enough to drive out with us and helped us drop one car at our end-spot. Alexa rode with him. We all met at Battle Springs. There’s a nice, safe  place to park off Montezuma Valley Road. Then Jake drove us out to our jumping off spot, near Eagle Rock. (Not through the sticker field we found last time, but at the place we parked). We seemed to have learned from our past mistakes and were able to get on the trail and found the right direction at the start.

There were fewer trees and shady areas on this hike. More hills. But beautiful sweeping vistas. At one point we could look back and see Eagle Rock in the far distance and look forward to where we would be finishing. We peaked at 3560-ft elevation. Three wild turkeys skirted out from brush to our right at one point. They seemed huge in size. We didn’t even know San Diego County had wild turkeys, but there they were, scurrying away from us, not 100 feet away.

Eagle Rock is just that, a rock formation that looks like an eagle. Not sure how it got that way.

Today, we saw: 4 people, 4 horses, 3 dogs, 3 wild turkeys, hawk, yellow bird, ostrich, one dead mouse and one Alexa.

Pedometer data: 11066 steps, 506 calories, 2.1 mi/hr average, elevation 3400 – 3560 feet, drove 76 miles to get there, temp in the low 70s.

Patti & Lynn


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