Eagle Rock to Warner Springs

7.2 miles


10:45 am, off to the first leg of the PCT. I’ve been wanting to do this for 10 years and we are finally starting it.  Whether we are prepared physically for this is a big question. I read somewhere “It’s just a stroll” so I figured any time spent preparing wasn’t really necessary and we should just go! We don’t have all of our gear either but I wanted to get started. We decided since we lived so close to the southern most part of the trail, we could cover this section in day hikes, and do overnights as we get our gear.

It was suppose to be an hour and 20 min drive. We pulled over twice to be sure we were on the right road. We finally get there at 12:30.

Got lost once: Missed the road and went too far to the Los Coyotes Reservation.

Got lost twice: We missed the turn off, again.

Got lost thrice: Realized the road we thought we could take is closed. We found a spot to park the second car. We thought we could walk around the closure but it is gated with a barbed wire fence. We walked up the road to find the other entrance. In our defense, BING maps said these were roads. This second entrance was closed too – just like the first one. We went under it, walked through a big field of sticker plants  and finally found the actual trail via my GPS trail app on my iPhone.

Got lost 4th time: Once we finally found the trail, my GPS no longer could get a signal, right at that spot. We started walking maybe a half mile before we realized we were going the wrong direction. We parked the first car just north of Warner Springs so it was pretty important we head the right way to find the car. It was 2 pm before we FINALLY started on the trail, in the right direction.

Got lost 5th time: After the hike and we come out on Highway 79, we headed left a ways before we figured the car was in a lot to the right.

And Siri lied. She said it would be in the upper 70s, it was 90 degrees and friggin hot!!

All the books I’ve read to prepare, all the web sites, and all the apps didn’t help.

CLEARLY we have no clue.

First rest stop of many, to start the journal.

Lunch Break

Next time I need sunblock, Chapstick and a better pen.

We saw nine people, quail, squirrels, sage, yucca. We walked thru a horse farm which was really cool. Also an obstacle course probably training ground for the forestry service, and an empty camp site with these poles that had hooks on top for your backpacks I’m guessing.



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