Burnt Rancheria to Boulder Oaks via Cibbets Flat #2

6/9 – 6/10/2012
17.442 miles

Rocks – Day 2

Cibbets Flat to Boulder Oaks

The start of day 2, this was a gentle slope up between the mountains up ahead. Overall, the hike from Burnt Rancheria to Boulder Oaks, was downhill.

We managed to break camp and get on our way reasonably fast. By 10:00 we had eaten breakfast, taken down the tent and repacked our gear. Our site was under a huge oak tree, so big that its canopy draped the entire site. The air was cold when we first woke up but we realized it was the shade making it seem so cool. By the time we got out to the sun, the temperature was likely already into the mid 70s.

Find out what really happened that morning at Cibbets Flat

The campground “Cibbets Flat” is actually a side-trip off the trail, down a long hill to a valley. A small sign at the turn off to the camp indicates a .6-mile distance, but our pedometer paced it at .866. Either way, it was a long trip downhill going and what seemed double-long going back up. But once we hit the top of that hill, the rest of the hike that day was largely downhill. And the rocky path we endured the day before relented to a gentler and sandier terrain.

The day’s hike to meet up with our car was about 7 miles, much less than the day before. We both felt sore and tired when we first woke up but were more energized as we got going. There was a certain anxiousness to get the car, but what was just ahead of us ended up being amazing. The trail led us through the valley between two mountains. Past that, we found ourselves on a ridge that rimmed a sweeping canyon that overlooked the 8 Freeway, a roadway we knew we would eventually pass under. The Freeway seemed forever away, not just in distance away but also that it was so much lower in elevation. While we knew we had just about six miles left to go, it looked like it could easily be double or triple that.

View overlooking Highway 8 looking west

Looking east on trail from Cibbets Flat. We would eventually pass under the highway to meet up with our car.

The trail was narrow and we were quite possibly the most exposed we have ever been yet on the trail, but the view was spectacular.

We skirted the mountain on a thin ledge for about a mile. At times, the mountain became sheer rock with steep cut offs.  To the left is Interstate 8 and the Cottonwood Valley.

We arrived at the car by 2:00 and were home by 3:30. We did stop off at Starbucks at an Alpine shopping center. Afternoon coffee, it seems, might be the one thing we will have a hard time doing without. Once we are on the open trail we will have to figure something out.

We’ll continue our hike in a week or two and will update the blog when we return.

Patti & Lynn


2 thoughts on “Burnt Rancheria to Boulder Oaks via Cibbets Flat #2

  1. Sounds like a nice trip. I just spent Saturday at Boulder Oaks. Did a bike ride and still managed to read an entire book (The Hunger Games). Slept on a cot under the stars. Might be a bit noisy for some as it’s so close to I8. But I’m used to traffic sounds as the 78 runs just below my condo. Keep on truckin’.


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