Boulder Oaks to South Terminus Campo via Lake Morena #1

6/29 – 6/30/2012
26.479 miles

Birthday – Day 1

Boulder Oaks to Lake Morena

Pati & Lynn

At Lake Morena on Patti’s birthday. A completed segment behind us, camp set up and sunlight still to enjoy – what could be better?

Today’s segment from Boulder Oaks to Lake Morena kicked my butt. We planned on a short day because of tomorrow’s 20-mile hike to Campo. We figured we’d start off by noon, get to Lake Morena by 3:00 and I’d have time to enjoy a book.  As we hiked an ascent about two miles into the hike, I hit a wall. I had to stop a gazillion times to rest up. I was so frustrated with myself. I drank a river of water and still felt dizzy.

I’m not sure if it was the heat, the elevation, the extra weight in my pack, the allergies I suddenly seemed to have or the wine I had the night before celebrating my birthday with a few friends from work (though it was sure fun). Or, maybe, it has something to do with turning 51. In either case, the trail beat me up that day. One of my friends asked, and why are you doing this? I was thinking along the trail then, I…don’t…know.

From Boulder Oaks to Lake Morena

After the ascent that nearly did me in, the sight of Lake Morena in the distance, the destination of the day, looked inviting. We were still about two-hours out but at least we were getting closer.

I will say at one point I was thinking and feeling emotional about how truly rich I am with love from my family and friends. As I get well-wishes on my birthday from so many of those I love, I hope they all know just how much they have touched my heart.

Check back soon to read about our next segment, Lake Morena to the South Terminus. Lynn is finishing up on that post today.



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