…Glow in the Dark…

Patti and I couldn’t help but be inspired by UBSeRiOuS when we met him on the trail a few weeks ago. He described the need to chase some ghosts and we felt encouraged that he moved head-on to do so. When we discovered this post today, we couldn’t help but feel humbled. So much good energy everywhere we turn.


5 thoughts on “…Glow in the Dark…

  1. Hi I am a friend of UB’s and was quite moved by his writing. My Mother died from cancer and I am all for the glow sticks to show support for you and how great it is that you are hiking the trail!!!!


    • Blondie, thank you so much. This has all made our day/week. So sorry to hear of your mother, but as we hike we will be thinking of her as well as all the great support we’ve received through this. Meeting UB moved us as much as we may have encouraged him. His videos are great and really make us taste the trail even when we’re at home dreaming our dream.


  2. This is all just so moving…reading UB’s entry & the following comments. Patti-I think you have always just been so special, & I can still hear your laugh, even after so many years. You really do glow.:) Thanks for the link to another great blog too!


    • We’ve been following him since we met him and find his blog and videos unique. And now his more recent posts just put us on cloud nine.
      I’m glad you’re still in touch Sue. It makes me reflect on a lot of fond memories I have of us in college.


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