The Many Faces of Trail Magic

What’s so cool about the trail is the enormity of nature. We see it everywhere we look, whether it is the mountains rocketing into the sky or the panoramic views of expansive valleys. Our trip this round began and ended with seeing an enormity even bigger than the trail. And it wasn’t the grass and the fields embracing us. We witnessed the trail magic of Ziggy and the Bear. Our last adventure in Cabazon led to Patti’s car getting tagged and Lynn’s car almost sabotaged. Leery of parking near the trail again, we took a chance and called Ziggy & the Bear on a whim. We didn’t even realize we had their number until just before we called, and Bear right away offered to let us park our car at his home.

Ziggy & the Bear

Ziggy & the Bear

Ziggy and Bear are trail angels. They are two of many people who are known as trail angels because they do so much for hikers along the PCT. In Ziggy and Bear’s case, their dedication to the hiking community is immediately obvious. After offering a place to park, we got a quick tour of their home, which, much to our amazement, was largely dedicated to hikers.

A PCT emblem is attached to a white fence door. A “Ring Bell” sign directly underneath the emblem tells hikers that they are welcome. Pass the gate the ground is covered by a series of many different carpets, pieced together to create a continuous carpet of comfort for the hikers. Boots should be taken off. Walk around barefoot and enjoy yourself. Bear showed us a shed that had been converted to a shower with a mini dressing room. After our hike they gave us much needed rest and Gatorade.

They became friends more than 15 years ago while helping a hiker in need, and their trail magic continues to this day.

We stumble onto amazing things and people quite a bit on the PCT. One morning we ran into unexpected “trail magic.” While we were trying to figure out whether to go left or right for water, one camper approached us to tell us that the water to the left was capped and dry. The water to the right had toilet paper near it…hmmnnn. He gave us half gallon of his own water. We weren’t quite sure where our next water source would supposedly be. Turned out too that he works for the same company Patti does and even knew a common employee.

And yet another kind of magic is love on the trail. As you may know, we’ve been following a few hikers on their blogs. Patti wanted to share this post much earlier. We met these two on our hike from Barrel Springs to Scissors Crossing. They had done the southern section of the trail before and were doing the whole trail this year. She told us a remarkable story of spraining her ankle, or rather both ankles, two separate incidents close together. Hence her name Double Sprainbow. She had such a great attitude about it and kept on hiking.  Her boyfriend, Oli, carried her pack. That was love. Well, this year, while hiking near Lone Pine, they got married. How cool is that.

Another hiker we follow is UB. He was the one that organized the Glow Night Hike. His videos are one of a kind.  He met up with a girl, Muk Muk, who we also follow, and they have hiked a portion of the trail together. He went off the trail. Then got back on the trail for her and well, you’ll see. He discovered his own magic.

One should never count on trail magic, but when it happens, in any form, it’s pretty cool.

Thanks to all of you for following us along, the words of encouragement and support.  One never knows how we affect each other in this life or how much of an impact a few words or brief encounters can make.


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