Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract


Returning from our hikes is always a cornucopia of gluttony. A medium pizza for each of us, Patti’s a throw-it-all-on-as-long-as-it’s-vegetarian with extra cheese; mine, a pepperoni, meat balls, onions, fresh garlic and green olives. To top it off, a cold home brew of our finest Pale Ale. The picture above is of boiling wort, the beginning of a batch of beer, about two minutes after putting in the hops. If ever the saying “watching a boiling pot…” applies, it is here, while I savior the swirl of colors that the hops creates as they drown in the boiling malt and water. Three weeks from “the boil,” I open the first bottle. My son Adam created and gave me my own brand, label and bottle caps, playing off my trail name of 3-Guy.





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