Ozark entry one

Apparently we have inspired our daughter to long distance hike. Follow her along as she tackles a thru-hike of the Ozark Trail, her first backpack outing…nothing like taking leaps instead of baby steps.

Thirty Six Goals

Miles hiked: 90
It’s day four of the trail and I’ve just crawled into the comfort of my tent. There’s been a storm rolling around us but with the sight of lightening in three separate places, I believe our luck might be running out.

When it comes to luck, we’ve had more than we could have ever asked for. We experienced some rain the second night but all of our gear held up to the elements. The next day we learned the storm had just barely hit us and eventually turned into a tornado not too far from where we were. Today, with only three miles remaining till camp, we heard the most intense thunder and saw clouds beginning to cover our path. Six hours later, we haven’t felt a single raindrop but the thunder has continued to roll around us, tracing circles near our make shift camp. Luck has…

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