All lucked out

The ups and downs of the trail, always.

Thirty Six Goals

Ironically, our luck took a turn for the worse after my last blog post.
There was the thunderstorm that raged through the entire night and into the next day, soaking Taylor’s gear by 10:30 pm and leaving him cold and awake throughout the night.

Then there was post storm stream crossings, so high and impeding it took us hours to build bridges at each river before we finally gave up and just trudged through the water.
And not too much later, there was the fork in the road where we all went left heading Southwest but Taylor went right, heading far Southeast. We didn’t reconnect for almost 48 hours, at which point we had gotten the entire town of Viburnum involved and hiked twenty miles to get our car… Only to learn a day later the car was three miles from where Taylor was waiting for us.
And then there…

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