Weekly Photo Challenge – Relax


Throw back to one of our first hikes on the PCT – a very challenging 20-miler that remains one of the hardest we’ve done, even still. This is in Hauser Canyon, between the border at Campo and Lake Morena. This stop was only one of maybe 20 or more. We probably rested more than we walked. We rested every time we found some shade. We thought we’d never get there.

Relaxing and taking rests frequently enough on the trail has always been hard for us. We just keep going, even when we are tired. We do stop a lot. But stopping and relaxing are different. Stopping for a few minutes doesn’t provide enough time for the body to recover. It’s often suggested that hikers rest for about 15 or 20-minutes an hour. If we ever took the time to figure it out, we’d probably find that if we added up all our stops we’d probably find a few good rests. We just can’t seem to do that. We hate feeling like we’re losing daylight.

Now, at home on a lazy day with nothing to do? Well, that would be a different story.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Relax

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