Weekly Photo Challenge – Dense

IMG_0560Near where Fern and Tahquitz Canyons meet, south of Palm Springs, July 2013. On the Pacific Crest Trail.

Sadly, roughly one month later, this lush green ocean of ferns would be but ash. The Mountain Fire broke out July 15th that year and by the time it was extinguished about two weeks later, it had consumed more than 27,000 square acres including these incredible plants. This portion of the trail remained closed from all human activities for several years because of it. It only recently reopened.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Dense

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  2. Have just ‘found’ your blog and am enjoying your posts about the PCT though it’s s bit sad to read about the loss of all those plant life in the photo above.


    • Hello, Selina. Thanks for the follow and for your comment. We’ve walked through a lot of burn area over the years, much to our dread. But it’s fascinating to see the rebirth, slow as it is to complete, when it starts almost immediately after the dust settles. Now that California is out of the drought, I’m hopeful this year’s thru-hikers won’t need to worry much about wild fires.


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