Now, the Fun Begins

While visiting friends and family through the Midwest, we turn our attention to our hike this summer. We’ll be completing the last of the 1500 miles we need to do to have completed the Pacific Crest Trail. Our plans are beginning to materialize, but we have a lot more to work out. So, while we drive from the west coast to Iowa, we have had time to start working out the details.

We know for sure that we will be getting on the trail on June 16. And we’ve also decided to take Chester to Tuolumne Meadows and then jump back up to Castle Crags up north near Shasta. It was there we began our hike last year when we went from Castle Crags to Chester. We took that route specifically to avoid a nasty winter melt and streams too dangerous to cross.

We are still working out transportation details. We will be parking our van in Redding, CA. We have a ride, we hope, from there to Chester. Once we arrive at Tuolumne we’ll need to bounce up to Castle Crags. This will be one of the last times we’ll need to work out transportation to a trailhead as section hikers. So much of our time in planning our trips historically, was the details of getting to and from the trailheads.

We are also currently working out our resupply strategy. Our daughter, Alexa and her fiancé, Cooper (known as Bonzi and Bighorn to the class of 2017 thru-hikers) had a good plan worked out already for their hike. So, we were able to use much of their plan to work out one of our own. Patti helped them through their resupply needs by mailing boxes in advance as needed to Alexa and Cooper, so, naturally, Alexa offered to do the same for us while we hiked. We have worked out 12 resupply drops and have set aside boxes already for the first three. Alexa will fill and send more boxes as needed per a schedule we worked out. Using Alexa’s experience from last year as a guide, we have good insight as to when we should send a box versus purchasing food along the trail.


Our menu for seven days. We tend to eat only a protein bar for breakfast. We like to have a hot lunch. And for dinners we ordinarily have a cold meal like tuna or jerky. Above this ensemble are trail mix and summer sausage (for Lynn – Patti is vegetarian), and to the right some miscellaneous rice, hot chocolate mix and salted nut rolls as snacks. Hardly the common diet. We will also have Jolly Ranchers, protein shake mix, and dried fruits.We’ll likely write more about our eating and how hiking the trail impacts us physically, once we get out on the trail. 

Patti is waiting for new trekking poles to arrive. And we have ordered a new tent. We are reviewing each piece of equipment and will be sure to be prepared for the trail come June.

More to come soon.


2 thoughts on “Now, the Fun Begins

  1. Crazy…good luck hope all runs smoothly. I wonder if Pacific trails are as rocky as New England trails. I am accustomed to the sweet, easy on the feet and knees, clearly marked sandy trails of Michigan. It sounds like a marvelous adventure.

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    • We haven’t hiked much out east. But many parts of the PCT we’ve done are rocky. Particularly, Glenn Pass was excruciating. But other segments come to my mind. We twice used Taboose Pass as an exit on two different trips and that was the most challenging to date

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