Gear List

In some ways, it’s all about the gear. But then later you get to thinking, it all comes down to weight. Then, you realize it’s a balance of both. It’s a work in process, as you will see below when you see how much of our gear we have retired. We’ll update as things change.

Basic Gear
REI Passage 2 tent
Emergency blanket – used also as tent footprint
Cat’s Meow Mummy sleeping bags
Thermarest Z-pad sleeping pads
Gregory Jade 60 backpack for Patti
REI 65 Flash backpack for Lynn
Camelback water reservoir system for both packs
Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration system
Alpine Kids trekking poles for Patti (“adult” poles were all too big)
Outdoor trekking poles for Lynn
Pepper spray
Platypus flask system

iPhones for both of us
iPod with headphones
Goal Zero Solar battery charger
Buckshot Pro Bluetooth Speaker System
2 Black Diamond headlamps

Luxury –
if we can afford the weight
Deck of cards
Glow Sticks to give away
Nail file
Blog business cards
Heavy plastic bag for the dirty cups

The Kitchen
Esbit stove system with fuel cells
Salt & pepper
2 sporks
2 collapsible cups

Depending on itinerary
Long Johns
Extra cap for Patti
Extra clothing
Knee braces for Patti
Insect repellent

The other stuff
Basic toiletries such as toothpaste and brushes
Icy Hot or Tiger Balm

Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite sleeping pad for Lynn
Therm-A-Rest Ridge Rest sleeping pad for Patti
Vasque Breeze Woman’s hiking boots for Patti
Vasque Scree Men’s hiking boots for Lynn
REI Passage 2 footprint

Nikon Digital SLR camera
Suny iPhone solar charger
Trekking pole plastic tips
Toe Warmers
Camp pillows
Stove top sauce pan with handle
2 Popples plastic cups with handles
Wooden Spoon
Spice container


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