Things Bigfoot Left Behind

Here’s a list of things we’ve found along our way

In 1988, we took a 5-month tour of the United States traveling in our Volkswagen Golf. While in Iowa City, we found a black, well-worn, ankle-high shoe that became our “mascot.” We seem to find odd things whenever we travel.

Here is a list of things we’ve found so far. If you think something might be yours, contact us and identify the item and we’ll send it back to you – unless Bigfoot objects.

  • Rook chess piece. This is our new mascot – for now. It’s small, and in medieval shantranj, the rook symbolized the chariot, so it seems apropos that it guides us along the trail.
  • Uniden Model #GMR2889 walkie-talkie, seems to work but no one is answering.
  • Smith & Wesson hunting knife that we hope to keep.
  • Pair of broken sunglasses. (In the spirit of leaving nothing behind, we picked it up and tossed it when we got home.)
  • Pink thongs (we left it there, there’s only so much cleaning up we can do, right?
  • 3 tent spikes on way to Walker Pass
  • Wireless Bluetooth Kistar Z07-5 Monopad Selfie Stick (probably broken)
  • Pair of good-as-new hiking boots neatly placed (and left) on trail

Bigfoot Boots

We will periodically update this page as we continue finding new treasures left behind along the Pacific Crest Trail.

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