Sightings along the Pacific Crest Trail

Just Random Stuff We’ve Seen Along the Way

Wildflowers are everywhere

Blankets of flowers cover the California Chaparral, but you need to pay attention. Sometimes the earth looks gray and brown but if you look closely, you can see these flowers that are small, but with vibrant blues, purples, yellows and reds. Click the photo and find an “Easter Egg.” (Google “MAC Easter Eggs” to learn about electronic surprises.) I didn’t see the bug until I edited the photo.

We're happy when we see these

PCT trail head marker at Warner Springs.

We could not identify the type of snake. Rattlers are said to abound in this area. But this one was silent and probably was not a rattlesnake.

One does wonder what a building is doing out here on the PCT. No signage, no power lines leading in, no real indication what its purpose is.

Walking on the edge of a cloud rolling in.

We walked through a lot of areas where clouds were rolling in and out on our way to Pioneer Mail Picnic Area.

On top of the Lagunas

Right around that ridge was a sweeping view of the valley below. On way to Pioneer Mail.

Smoke on the mountain

Once home from the hike, we learned this was the Delmar Fire, September 4, 2012, north of Big Bear Lake. It was small in size and no reports of injury or property loss.

Sappy trunk

Sap oozes from the trunk of a tree near Doble Trail Camp.

Sage on the trail.

Patti picks sage just a step off the trail, good for both flavoring food and a natural deodorant.

Near Doble Trail Camp

Lots of green on way to Doble Trail Camp.

Stream near Arrastre

Stream near Arrastre Trail Camp. This was our first natural source of water. We filled up and used our filter system for the first time. It was cold and delicious.


We found this inside a pill bottle on the ground in a burn area. Not sure what it was we picked it up to study it. We placed it back exactly as we found it. On way to Arrowhead past Doble Creek Trail Camp.

Government at work

Here’s the US Government at work. There’s an ADA-compliant outhouse at Doble Trail Camp, but it’s surrounded by gravel and is a good five or more miles from anywhere a wheelchair might be used.

We came upon 5 wild horses near Tehachapi.

We came upon five wild horses near Tehachapi.

View from my sleeping bag when waking up above Indian Flats. It would clear several hours later.

View from my sleeping bag when waking up above Indian Flats. It would clear several hours later.


San Gorgonio sign

Ginsum Weed

Pet Cemetary

Autumn Path

Near North Fork Ranger Station

Near North Fork Ranger Station.

Looking out from near Mt Gleason

Looking out from near Mt GleasonIMG_2592



11 thoughts on “Sightings along the Pacific Crest Trail

  1. Pretty sure that’s a gopher snake. “Harmless”, but it’s always a good idea to observe snakes from a safe distance.


    • Steve, you’ve been the first to identify the type of snake it was, and I’m glad to know. It kind of spooked us not knowing if that was a rattler, and has made us want to investigate possible treatments of a bite out on the trail. We’re still looking into that.


  2. You two are very brave to be doing this. Hang in there. I could not ever be as brave as the two of you!!! Nice web site also – you are mixing nature and technology. I’m glad your dream is becoming reality!


    • Maria, thanks for your comments. I’m not sure if it’s bravery or idiocy. The real courage, I think, is in those who do the PCT as a through-hike, and more so in those doing it alone. I plan on posting independently about how technology plays into our plans. It’s an interesting component of the hike.


  3. That lonely building is really the entry way to agent 99’s secret restroom,,,would you believe a storage shed for fire fighting material


      • Interesting. I have been on the PCT near the Oregon California border – love that trail. I enjoyed your pics too. Geocaches tend to be in places that someone likes for some reason. I place them in locations that I think someone would enjoy discovering.


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