Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up!

Look Up

Our entry into this week’s photo challenge, which is entitled “Look Up” takes us back to this shot taken in March 2015 on our walk from Walker Pass to Hiker Town. The mushrooms went all the way up and all the way round. We had never seen this before.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve

IMG_1449As a submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve, here’s a shot from the trail. This is looking north roughly half-mile up from Pioneer Mail.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Numbers


You probably wouldn’t think so, but being a backpacker is a numbers game. We constantly have numbers in our head. Mathematics in action. Always adding, subtracting, calculating and estimating.

Running through our heads is our pack weight. Or, the time we pushed off from the trailhead. It’s what the elevation is and what gain (or loss) we’ll see. Or, how many miles to the next water source? To the next camp site? It’s how many miles it is until the next big ascent.

No numbers are as important, though, as those it takes to know where we are. With the invaluable help of apps like Half-Mile and Guthook, we know where we are within a few feet of the trail. We’re not sure how the pioneers found their way across the Rockies without GPS. We’re just glad that we have the help with all the math.

All lucked out

The ups and downs of the trail, always.

Thirty Six Goals

Ironically, our luck took a turn for the worse after my last blog post.
There was the thunderstorm that raged through the entire night and into the next day, soaking Taylor’s gear by 10:30 pm and leaving him cold and awake throughout the night.

Then there was post storm stream crossings, so high and impeding it took us hours to build bridges at each river before we finally gave up and just trudged through the water.
And not too much later, there was the fork in the road where we all went left heading Southwest but Taylor went right, heading far Southeast. We didn’t reconnect for almost 48 hours, at which point we had gotten the entire town of Viburnum involved and hiked twenty miles to get our car… Only to learn a day later the car was three miles from where Taylor was waiting for us.
And then there…

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Ozark entry one

Apparently we have inspired our daughter to long distance hike. Follow her along as she tackles a thru-hike of the Ozark Trail, her first backpack outing…nothing like taking leaps instead of baby steps.

Thirty Six Goals

Miles hiked: 90
It’s day four of the trail and I’ve just crawled into the comfort of my tent. There’s been a storm rolling around us but with the sight of lightening in three separate places, I believe our luck might be running out.

When it comes to luck, we’ve had more than we could have ever asked for. We experienced some rain the second night but all of our gear held up to the elements. The next day we learned the storm had just barely hit us and eventually turned into a tornado not too far from where we were. Today, with only three miles remaining till camp, we heard the most intense thunder and saw clouds beginning to cover our path. Six hours later, we haven’t felt a single raindrop but the thunder has continued to roll around us, tracing circles near our make shift camp. Luck has…

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